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Fonho is your premier choice for diesel filter orders. It is made in complete selections from types of applications, sizes, and more. It is made of verified materials for a long life span. Send your diesel filter and final applications. We will produce your request and lower your cost.

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Fonho - Your Professional Diesel Filter Supplier

Are you are looking for a diesel filter producer in China, You visit the right place. Fonho is a trusted manufacturer of diesel filters for more than 10 years. We have a good reputation because of our excellent services. Fonho handles strict quality control at every diesel filter processing.

We focus on your diesel filter orders and ensure to meet your final application. All types of diesel filter applications and brands like Mercedes Benz, Scania, Iveco, MAN, and more. Send us your ideal diesel filter selections, and quantity. Our skilled and hardworking support team will meet your needs.

Why Fonho Diesel Filter

Fonho produced thousands of diesel filters around the world. We can reach a lot of regions and countries to produce top-quality diesel filters. All our stocks are certified by IATF 16949:2016. We ensure our production and sales improvement.

We, Fonho ensure a convenient plant area and provide complete equipment for different processing lines. Our processing machines are made of popular parts to perform long hours of operations. We ensure highly trained manufacturing employees from different areas. Send your message now and expect a faster response.

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All Filters Brand Fonho Can Provide to Support Your Business

Mercedes Benz air filter
Mercedes Benz Truck Filters
Volvo filter
Volvo Truck Truck Filters
Scania fiilter
Scania Truck Filters
DAF filter
DAF Truck Filters
man filter
MAN Truck Filters
IVECO filter
Iveco Truck Filters
Renault filter
Renault Truck Filters
more filter
More Brands

Fonho -Your Expert Diesel Filter Supplier in China

IATF16949 Certification of FONHO

Fonho – Your Best Diesel Filter Factory in China

Are you looking for a reliable diesel filter manufacturer in China? Fonho is your premier choice to get high-class supplies.

The Fonho diesel filters are applicable for heavy-duty equipment applications. It has a longer life and has a great ability to hold the dirt and other contaminants.

In over 10 years in the industry, Fonho produces complete diesel filter selections. We provide a variety of models, applications, sizes, functions, and performances. It provides perfect filtration, compatibility, and more to maintain a clean and smooth flow.

Fonho diesel filters are easier and safe for all applications. It has a great chemical resistance ability that provides great flow performance. Diesel filters are a great support for all types of engines and protect them from damage. It has great functions for many applications. We can show you our customer’s feedback about our diesel filter performance.

Fonho Diesel filters are accessible in your ideal quantity. You can choose the different features and specifications we provide. You can request your ideal diesel filter and send your drawings. We can customize your request and assure you to protect your layouts. We are willing to help you customize your diesel filters with your own brand and ideas from designs and specifications.

We, Fonho is a professional manufacturer and produce IATF 16949:2016 certified diesel filters. Every month, we supply over 80000 pieces and export them to different countries and regions worldwide. Diesel filters are applicable for construction machines like Komatsu, HITACHI, Caterpillar, and more.

Using our complete testing equipment, Fonho has a great testing ability to produce an effective diesel filters. With the help of our experienced and professional team from engineering, quality control, sales, and production, we meet your entire request.

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