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Fonho is widely involved in manufacturing and distributing all-purpose excavator filter for your vehicular peripherals. We provide strict quality product testing to ensure its durability and credibility.

  • Engaged in excavator filter manufacturing for over 12 years
  • 100% performance testing in excavator filter
  • Expert managing sales team, 24/7 accessible 
  • Complete package of excavator filters that suits your budget
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Fonho- Your Ultimate Excavator Filter Distributor

Fonho is your non-stop solution for your excavator filter components. We have this professional experience in manufacturing and producing all sets of excavator filters. All excavator filters are already submitted in IATF 16949:2006 and IATF 16949:2016 certification and done through secure lab testing to ensure their quality, power, and function.

We can also customize your preferable excavator filter. We are so pleased to accept a bulk of your excavator filter orders and do some immediate transactions to deliver them to your designated areas at a given allotment of time. 

Why Fonho Excavator Filter

Fonho has an extensive capability to provide a wide range of excavator filters. We stand as the leading source and main distributor of excavation filters to all international markets. Fonho excavator filter is 100% leakage-free and able to operate consistently.

The excavator filter from Fonho has already passed all standards requirements according to IATF 16949:2006 and IATF 16949:2016 quality management requirements. It has a remarkable feature to comply with the needed filtration requirements of your vehicles. 

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All Filters Brand Fonho Can Provide to Support Your Business

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Scania Truck Filters
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Renault Truck Filters
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Fonho- Your Professional Excavator Filter Manufacturer in China

IATF16949 Certification of FONHO

Fonho- Your Credible Excavator Filter Manufacturer and Supplier in China


If you are seeking a perfect solution for excavator filters for your vehicular needs, Fonho is your ideal key for that. We manage in the manufacturing of excavator filters since 2007. Through the years in this field of business, our main objective is to sustain all the needed requirements for excavator filter products.

All of our excavator filters obtain the IATF 16949:2006 and IATF 16949:2016 product certification. We are also able to follow the ISO/TS 16949 documents while manufacturing.

We have several production line machines and lab testing for checking the quality of excavator filters. Hence, it also assisted our expert engineers and the managing team responsible for developing a satisfying production of this product.

In purchasing at Fonho, you are free to choose your desired classification and standards of your excavator filter for your vehicular needs. In addition, it can perform light-duty and heavy-duty applications. Perfect as filtration apparel for your Mercedes Benz, Volvo, MAN, Iveco, Renault, and other vehicle brands.

At Fonho, only a high-standard selection of excavator filters is available. We can also accept your customized printing and desired style for your active excavator filter. Fonho excavator filter was processed using the sturdiest class of materials.

The excavator filter from Fonho is durable enough to perform any form of operation. It qualifies to all product standard certifications that make it more trusted to use. Using Fonho’s excavator filter improves the performance of your vehicles and makes them possible to run conditionally.

Experience an enduring satisfaction while using the excavator filter from Fonho. Every dimension, angle, component, design of this product succeeds from strict product evaluation and critique. 

A wide range of excavator filters is 24/7 accessible in Fonho. At the lowest rate, you will be able to purchase your customized excavator filter for all your purposes. We can automatically deliver you all your excavator filter orders for easy transactions and ensure that they can arrive at your respective residential location safely and securely.

Enduring services and memorable performances are what you all witness at Fonho. We are trustworthy not just by our words but also in our actions. We can be your long-lasting business associates in claiming a wealthier business.

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