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UNITRUCK brand belongs to Fonho.
This time we bring UNITRCUK brand to Medellín.

Booth number: 503
Date: 2024/6/5~2024/6/7
Address: Plaza Mayor Medellin
Calle41#55-35 Medellín Antioguia Colombi

We look forward to your arrival !

UNITRUCK Meet You Again in Istanbul


Fonho was not absent from the Istanbul Gala this time. Years of accumulation have enabled us to have a lot of customer groups in this market. Thank you to everyone who visited UNITRUCK at Automechanika Istanbul! It was a pleasure meeting you at Booth Hall 5, B-148. A special welcome to our new partners – we’re excited for the journey ahead! 

Fonho wish every friend we meet has a pleasant journey!

The Dragon Boat Festival full of benefits



The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional cultural festival popular in China and the countries of the Chinese character cultural circle, legend has it that Qu Yuan, a poet of Chu during the Warring States Period, committed suicide by jumping into the Miluo River on the fifth day of the fifth month of May, and later generations also took the Dragon Boat Festival as a festival to commemorate Qu Yuan.

Fonho prepared zongzi and salted duck eggs for everyone to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

New test equipment was added to Fonho

Multi-pass test bench

Filter element clogging life strength test bench

Fuel filter water separation efficiency test bench


The first experience of the Vietnam Auto Parts Exhibition

Autotech & Accessories 2024 is the most specialized international exhibition in Vietnam’s transportation industry sponsored by the Ministry of Transport. It has been rated as the most influential automobile exhibition in Vietnam by the Vietnamese media, and it is also the best platform for foreign automobile and motorcycle manufacturers to explore the Vietnamese market.

Vietnam is a very important market for Harvest Harvest. Although I have not participated in the auto parts exhibition in Vietnam before, Fonho already has a lot of Vietnamese customers. This time, Fonho  also wanted to visit customers and friends in Vietnam.

Fonho has a lot of filters suitable for the Vietnamese market, such as oil filters, diesel filters and air filters. At the exhibition, these high-quality samples were presented to the people in the Vietnamese auto parts market.


Exclusive to Fonho people's team building happy time

Team building activities are an important way to enhance team cohesion and cooperation spirit, through participating activities, team members can better understand each other, enhance team awareness and cooperation ability.

This time, we came to the green space camping base with a beautiful environment. Four activities have been prepared for everyone: first, the steps of giants, testing the tacit cooperation of the team, synchronization and consistency; 2. Traveling thousands of miles, paying attention to the importance of unified command and the mutual cooperation of members; 3. Beat the drum and juggle the ball, Realize that attitude is everything, so no matter what happens, you must face it with the most positive attitude; Fourth, work together to build a tower, test the tacit cooperation of the team, the importance of unified command. Every employee has done a great job of cooperating with each activity and giving everyone a thumbs up!


Fun Egg Bumping Activity --The beginning of summer

The beginning of summer is the 7th of the 24 solar terms in China and the first solar term of summer. The beginning of summer is an important solar term that marks the growth of all things in the peak season. On the day of the beginning of summer, many places have the customs of eating “Lixia rice”, eating eggs, weighing people and tasting three new things.

Egg fighting is a traditional game during the beginning of summer, where people pray for health and good luck by colliding eggs against each other. This custom is not only fun, but also a blessing for the healthy growth of children.

Fonho  held the Lixia egg bumping activity this time, not only to celebrate the traditional Chinese solar terms, but also to relax the employees. A lot of practical prizes were prepared to encourage employees to actively participate.

Celebration of Women's Day

International Working Women’s Day (IWD), also known as “International Women’s Day”, “March 8 Festival” and “March 8 Women’s Day”, also known as “United Nations Women’s Rights and International Peace Day” , is celebrated on March 8 every year to celebrate women’s role in the economy, It is a festival established for important contributions and great achievements in the political and social fields.

Every female employee of our fonho is the filial and kind daughter of her parents-in-law at home, the gentle and virtuous wife of her husband, and the mother of her children’s intimate attachment; In the company, she is a good sister who is capable and intellectual in the eyes of her colleagues, and is an indispensable backbone and backbone for the development of the company. Therefore, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone for their hard work and hard work for the family and the company!


Fonho will soon participate in Automechanika Riyadh 2024

As Saudi Arabia’s leading regional trade show for the automotive aftermarket industry. There’s no reason why Fonho shouldn’t participate.

Although FONHO already has many Saudi customers, this is the first time that FONHO participate in the Frankfurt exhibition Saudi Arabia. Fonho has been preparing for this exhibition for a long time and has prepared excellent samples suitable for the Saudi market. 

Here is information about our booth and waiting for you:

Booth Number: 2-B43

Date: 2024/4/30∼ 2024/5/2

Address: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC)


Fonho Group is waiting for you at HALL 5A, E191, INTERMAT

From 24 to 27 April, INTERMAT 2024 aims to offer ashowcase of the excellence of the constructionindustry and the innovation dynamic of French andforeign equipment manufacturers in the race to netzero. 

FONHO has a full range of construction machinery filters, oil filters and fuel filters. More than 15 years of experience in the filter industry. Fonho is comparable to the quality of the OE, as well as excellent service, and has gained many European customers.

Fonho is fully prepared to welcome customers to the INTERMAT 2024. If you are interested in the filter of construction machinery, you are very welcome to come to our booth and have a sit.


Fonho participated in the 2024 Canton Fair

The 135th Spring Canton Fair in 2024 has be held in Guangzhou, China. One of the biggest events on the global trade calendar. Since its first edition in 1957 in Guangzhou, China, this biennial fair has grown into a huge platform for import and export across a wide range of industries, showcasing products from a wide range of industries in spring and autumn each year.

Fonho is never absent from the Canton Fair, and as a grand exhibition held in China, Fonho embodies the enthusiasm of its hosts. We warmly welcome every customer who comes to China, and sincerely appreciate these customers who have traveled thousands of miles to China.

A successful exhibition - Automechanika Buenos Aires 2024

Argentina’s leading international trade fair for the automotive service industry targeting trade visitors from South America. With an undisputable leading position and as a strategic point for the automotive and spare part industry business, Automechanika Buenos Aires gathers the whole offer and demand in only one place.

Fonho Group has a large customer base in South America, and this exhibition in Argentina has allowed our sales team to communicate with customers face-to-face and shorten the distance.

Fonho is very grateful to the customers who came to participate in the exhibition and thank you for your willingness to come and support Fonho.


Fonho Makes Waves at Shanghai Automechanika 2023

As a rising star at Automechanika Shanghai 2023, Fonho continues to maintain its leading position in the automotive industry. Fonho’s participation, which blends innovation and dedication, has left an indelible mark on the show and left a deep impression on attendees and industry insiders.

At the heart of Fonho’s participation at Automechanika Shanghai 2023 is its commitment to delivering the highest quality filters, showcasing its latest advancements and innovations in the automotive parts industry. Fonho captivates visitors with its creative approach to event design and excellent service.


Presence Fonho Excels at the Canton Fair 2023: A showcase of Innovation and Global Engagement

Fonho is a leader in the auto parts industry, leaving an indelible footprint at the prestigious Canton Fair 2023. With a focus on innovation and global trade, Fonho’s participation in the Canton Fair highlights their commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver exceptional event experiences on a global scale.

Known for its role in facilitating trade and fostering international cooperation, the Canton Fair provides a platform for Fonho to showcase their expertise to exhibitors from all over the world.


Fonho Makes a Splash at Dubai Automechanika 2023: Setting New Standards for Automotive Excellence

Fonho, a leader in the automotive parts sector, has made a significant impact at the highly regarded Automechanika Dubai 2023, showcasing its product expertise and innovation to its customers. With a focus on excellence, creativity, and a passion for automobiles, Fonho’s participation in this event marks a milestone in its journey to redefine the automotive sector.

The core of our participation in Automechanika Dubai 2023 is to provide end users with the best cost-effective products. Let Customer feel that Choosing Fonho is the wisest decision.

Fonho: A Rising Star in Brazil's 2023 Automec

In the bustling environment of the Brazilian auto parts industry, one name stands out in 2023: Fonho has not only left an indelible mark but has also set new standards for excellence and creativity in the field of auto parts.

Fonho’s auto parts journey began with a vision that had been born for a long time. To Be the First choice for Customers in Heavy-duty Vehicle Filtration industry。

2023 is a pivotal year for Fonho as it seizes the opportunity to showcase its prowess around the world. Hard work will always be rewarded, and Fonho also reaps what she deserves.


Fonho Group at Automechanika Dubai Exhibit 2022

Hundreds of visitors, including our foreign distributors and sales partners, stopped by the Fonho Group stand over the course of the five-day event. We’d like to thank everyone for the accolades we’ve received for the high quality of our filters and valves, as well as the professional sales support.

This year’s Automechanika fair in Dubai provided us with an opportunity to share information about our innovative products and services. Thank you kindly for inviting us! And we are grateful to all of our visitors who came to our booth and have now become our partners.


Successful Participation of Fonho Group in Aapex 2022

Aapex 2022 is the automotive aftermarket’s premier event and draws over 49,000 buyers, including independent repair garages, national service chains, auto parts program groups, retailers, warehouse distributors, and other segments.

Fonho Group is a long-standing exhibitor at Aapex, This show allowed our sales teams to personally meet and nurture existing relationships with customers, generate sales/new business contacts, announced new products/innovations, and increase our brand awareness.

Thank you so much for inviting us! And we really appreciate all of our visitors who came to our booth and who became our partners now.


Fonho Group will be Attending Aapex 2022

Fonho Group will be attending Aapex 2022 in Las Vegas, NV on November 1-3. Fonho Group was recognized as a quality and innovative manufacturer of truck filters, solenoid valves, and many more. To achieve more success in this industry, Fonho Group is always investing a lot in a professional team and advanced production processes. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Fonho Automotive Filters Manufacturing Line

FONHO is your solution for all makes and all models. With decades of experience and a history of innovation, we have hundreds of products available around the world through distributors.
✔ ​Dependability and reliability
✔ ​Meets or exceeds OE performance and quality
✔ ​Reduces overall costs and extends equipment life
Our technology has been proven with millions of miles and hundreds of thousands of hours of both laboratory and the real world, so you can trust our solutions to get the job done, every time.

Fonho Group Joins Automechanika Dubai 2022​

Fonho Group will be joining Automechanika Dubai 2022 – the largest international automotive aftermarket trade show. It’s really great to spend more quality time with our global customers again. If you’re attending the show on November 22-24, then pop by our stand and enjoy some hospitality on Stand G15 in Hall 6.

We will bring new products for you, with high quality & reasonable price. See you there!

Team Building for Sales Team

Without a good team, the company will become a mess, which will affect the company’s development and the progress of its employees; without a good team, the company’s achievements are also temporary and accidental. FONHO Planned the team building for the sales team on 20, May, and achieved the growth and happiness of the team.

Fuel Filter

Daily Quality Control Meeting

FONHO performs daily quality control meeting as usual. To meet the idea “To be Customer’s First Choice”, FONHO Cares much about quality control, and performs many precautions in production lines and management. Furthermore, FONHO also performs weekly quality control meetings, and quality control skill training as well.

New Powder Painting Line Came Into Service

To increase the production capacity, and the housing painting surface performance quality, FONHO Invested to build a new powder painting line. From March 2021, this new line helped to fasten the delivery time and make the truck filters housing finishing better looking, which satisfied our customers a lot.

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