Mercedes Benz Air Dryer Filter UT1374 1375997 TB1374X 4324102227

FONHO Air Dryer Filter is with high performance in air drying and also with oil separator function, to protec the truck air brake system more long life, and more safe. Welcome to inquiry more details of our products.

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FONHO Air Dryer Filter is produced in strict quality management system IATF16949:2016.

  • Hengst:T250W
  • Mann+Hummel:TB1374X
  • Wabco:4324102227
  • Wabco:4324100202
  • Knorr:II40100F
  • Mercedes Benz:A0004293695
  • Mercedes Benz:A0004291097
  • Mercedes Benz:A0004291297
  • Mercedes Benz:A0004300969
  • Volvo:3090268
  • Volvo:3090288
  • Volvo:3091200
  • Scania:1375997
  • Renault:5000295421
  • Renault:5001843522
  • Daf:1504900R
  • Iveco:2992261
  • Iveco:1900812
  • MAN:1368731
  • Donaldson:P781466

Truck Filter

Filter Type

Air Dryer Filter

Vehicle Type

Mercedes Benz, Scania

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