Professional Truck Air Dryer Filter Manufacturer in China

FONHO is your best choice if you need a high-quality truck air dryer filter manufacturer for European Trucks, and also American Trucks. We have more than 12 years of manufacturing truck air dryer filter.

  • We are an IATF16949:2016 certified truck air dryer filter manufacturer
  • We offer over 80000 pcs truck air dryer filter cartridges every month
  • We export a wide range of truck air dryer filter cartridge to Europe and other countries
  • Professional team and expert R&D team could serve you
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FONHO – Your Premier Air Dryer Filter Manufacturer

FONHO is your perfect manufacturer of truck air dryer filter in China. We offer the most reliable truck air dryer filter replacement. We manufacture products using high-grade materials. Your truck air dryer filter cartridges are rigorously inspected and tested before shipment. We implement strict quality control to ensure higher quality. Your truck air dryer filters comes with a one-year quality warranty. Enquire us for your orders!

Popular FONHO Truck Air Dyer Filter Cartridge

TRUCK AIR DRYER FILTER CARTRIDGE UT1008 RENAULT 5001865404 VOLVO 20754416 21267818 MANN TB1 394:5X WABCO 4329012452

Truck Air Dryer Filter UT1008

AIR DRYER CARTRIDGE UT1027 VOLVO 22223804 21412848 RENAULT 7422223805 7422223804

Truck Air Dryer Filter UT1027

AIR DRYERS CARTRIDGE UT1374 Scania Renault Daf Iveco MAN Mercedes Benz T250W 4324102227 A0004293695

Air Dryer Filter UT1374

Truck Air Dryer Filter UT1033

DAF AIR DRYER CARTRIDGE UT1009 1681575 MANN TB1394:6X KNORR: K015857 K039455 WABCO 4329012462

Truck Air Dryer Filter Replacement UT1009

AIR DRYER FILTER UT1002 SCANIA 1455253 1384549 1774598 HENGST T300W MANN TB1374/3X MAHLE AL14

Air Dryer Filter Replacement for Scania UT1002


SCANIA AIR DRYER CARTRIDGE UT1006 1774598 MANN TB1374/3X HENGST T300W WABCO 4324109272, 4324102262

Truck Air Dryer Filter for Scania UT1006

VOLVO TRUCK AIR DRYER UT1003 20773824 20546795 3097369 1393551 HENGST T350W HALDEX 78964

Truck Air Dryer Filter Replacement for VOLVO UT1003

Why FONHO Air Dryer Cartridge

FONHO’s main products are truck air dryer filter cartridges. We offer custom-made truck air dryer cartridges with your logo to boost your brand. FONHO exports products to different countries around the world.

All FONHO truck air dryer filter cartridges suitable are for different truck brands like Scania, Renault, Mercedes Benz, and more. We have a professional R&D team to design your orders. We have more than 15 pieces of testing equipment for rigorous testing of your truck air dryer filter cartridge.

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All Trucks Applications FONHO Can Provide to Support Your Business

Mercedes Benz air filter
Mercedes Benz Truck Filters
Volvo filter
Volvo Truck Truck Filters
Scania fiilter
Scania Truck Filters
DAF filter
DAF Truck Filters
man filter
MAN Truck Filters
IVECO filter
Iveco Truck Filters
Renault filter
Renault Truck Filters
more filter
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FONHO -Your Reliable Truck Air Dyer Filter Supplier in China


IATF16949 Certification of FONHO


FONHO – Your Reliable Truck Air Dryer Filter Cartridge Manufacturer in China

FONHO is a professional truck air dryer filter cartridge manufacturer in China. Our commitment to quality makes us the most trusted supplier in China. FONHO offers exceptional services and great deals to support your business.

We design truck air dryer filter cartridges for your air brake systems that will operate at a superior level of performance. FONHO truck air dryer filter cartridges ensure a high-performance level of your vehicle while keeping low-cost maintenance.

FONHO offers an truck air dryer filter cartridge coalescing function with coalescing fleece filters. This feature provides a superior function in separating fine oil aerosols and humidity without drying the cartridge’s performance. Thus, protecting your vehicle’s air system.

We also manufacture innovative truck air dryer filter cartridges. These are constructed using high-grade and superior quality raw materials. All your products are durable, high-quality, and can last for a long period of usage.

FONHO truck air dryer filters offer exceptional drying performance. It provides a high level of protection against pollutants, freezing, and corrosion. We design an air dryer cartridges with an innovative container design.

We manufacture your truck air dryer filter cartridge filters according to IATF 16949:2016 standards. Thus, it meets all the quality standards for the automotive industry. These products are suitable for Scania, Mercedes Benz, Renault, and more. You can also use it for various construction machines.

We tested your truck air dryer filters before shipment. We have more than 15 testing equipment including a 100% Leakage Test. Rest assured that your products are high-quality. Your air dryer cartridge comes with a one-year quality warranty.

We offer custom-made truck air dryer filter cartridges with your logo to boost your brand. We also customize appearance and dimension based on your specification.FONHO air dryer cartridge will surely meet your requirements.

Besides air dryer cartridges, we also manufacture fuel filters, oil filters, automotive filters, car fuel filters, automotive air filters, truck air filters, truck oil filters, semi-truck filters, solenoid valves, and truck pressure sensors, heavy equipment filters, and more. We are your one-stop solution for your heavy-duty filter needs.

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FONHO – Strong R&D Capability to Produce More Durability of Truck Air Dryer Filter

FONHO has a professional technical research and development team in all kinds of truck air dryer filters. FONHO uses Autocad, UG, and Pro-E software to build 3D models, and also 2D drawings for mold developments, tooling making, and quality inspection as well.

To supply OE quality air dryer filter for you, FONHO always chose first-class raw materials, and strict production process control, i.e., uses famous Bao-steel for air dryer cartridge housing, air dryer thread cover, and air dryer filter seaming plate, uses more than 21% adsorption rate molecular sieve in air dryer desiccant canister, uses low-temperature resistance NBR material for O-ring seal, etc.

To increase the durability in high air pressure working conditions, FONHO designed a tight fit process between the housing and thread cover, which is the same original design as Wabco & Knorr-bremse. FONHO always believes the best quality products only result from good raw material, well-organized production, strict process quality control, and a well-trained professional team.

FONHO truck air dryer filters are suitable for all kinds of European trucks & American trucks. We manufacture for many famous brands all over the world with their private labels, and also with their boxes. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us for inquiry.

Truck Air Dryer Filter Components


How does FONHO Truck Air Dryer with Oil Separator (Coalescing Technology) Work for More Safety in Air Brake System?

Why is a truck air dryer necessary for an air brake system?

As we know air brake systems are usually used in heavy vehicles, such as trucks and buses, and other large vehicles. Since air compression is required in the air brake system, moisture and condensate may be introduced into the system, then the air brake system will be affected if the moisture is not removed. Under severe operating conditions, moisture can freeze, causing the brake to fail completely.

To prevent this from happening, air dryers are required. In addition to removing moisture, the air dryer can also remove any oil leaking from the air compressor, as well as aerosols that may enter through the air intake system. In short, the purpose is to filter out contaminants such as water, oil vapor, and aerosol to prevent freezing in winter and extends the life of the air valve.

How does the oil separator air dryer desiccant cartridge work?

Once entering the air dryer desiccant cartridge, the air first flows through the oil separator located between the inner and outer shells. The separator removes water in liquid form as well as oil and solid contaminants.

When the air leaves the oil separator with the remaining water vapor, it is further cooled and continues to flow upward between the outer shell and the inner shell. After reaching the top of the air dryer filter cartridge, the air flows in the reverse direction and enters the desiccant bed. Moisture is “absorbed” on the surface of the desiccant bed and then, the air that comes out from the exhaust is dry without any contaminants.

About Maintenance of spin on truck air dryer filter

Regular maintenance every 900 hours or 40,000 kilometers or 3 months will ensure that your air system remains in top working condition. Check the moisture in the air brake system by opening the drain valve. If moisture is present, the air dryer filter may need to be replaced.

Advantages in FONHO Truck Air Dryer Desiccant Cartridge Filter with Oil Separator (Coalescing Technology):
  • 2 in 1 in one cartridge
  • Including Conventional moisture removal
  • With additional Oil Separation function.
  • Firstly remove the oil particles, then dry & clean the air.
  • More efficiency and safety for the air brake systems.
  • Reduce the cost of the maintenance of air brake valves.
  • Suitable for most of the existing truck air dryers and vehicles with all thread connections.
  • 99 % air dryer and oil separation performance, and no oil enters the air brake system and suspension system
  • The regeneration system will clean the condensates and contamination the air dryer cartridge.
truck air dryer filter
Truck oil separator air dryer cartridge filter design


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