FONHO – Your Best Automotive Filter Factory in China

If you’re in the market for a new automotive air filter, you should consider the Fonho. This company manufactures a variety of products for a variety of different applications. From air filters and cabin air filters to engine and fuel filters, Fonho is a trusted name in the industry. The company produces products for almost every type of vehicle, including passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, and more.

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Spectre Performance Conical Air Filter

Spectre High-Performance Racing (HPR) Conical Air Filter is a universal air filter designed for your vehicle. The Spectre filter uses inverted cone technology to increase its service life and flow potential. This filter also comes with adapter rings and is factory pre-oiled. Whether you’re working on a project car or simply looking for an aftermarket air filter, the Fonho Spectre Performance Conical Air Filter is a great choice.


Spectre Essentials Engine Air Filter

Spectre’s essential air filter is easy to install. Its unique design fits stock air filters and increases horsepower and acceleration. The Spectre HPR air filter is made with pre-oiled synthetic media for exceptional airflow without sacrificing engine protection. These filters are legal in all 50 states and if you’d like to clean your Spectre air filters at home, you can use the Accucharge Precision Air Filter Oiling System, which comes with 12 fluid ounces of cleaner and eight fluid ounces of oil.


Enhance Functionality

The function of an automotive filter is to ensure that the vehicle is running efficiently. These filters are currently used in a variety of areas, including asepsis rooms, hospital operating rooms, and car engines. They should be replaced every 15 thousand kilometers to ensure a clean, healthy engine. If your car has a clogged filter, replacing it with a FONHO product is a smart idea.


Fonho Automotive Filter Graded Performance

A key element in improving air filter performance is using a high-efficiency water separator. This type of filter is ideal for removing water from diesel. Moreover, many of the world’s most popular car brands use FONHO automotive filter. Other products from FONHO include solenoid valves and pressure sensors for heavy vehicles. This article will discuss the various types of FONHO filters available for sale and what makes them so effective.



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