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If you are looking for a high-quality water separator for your excavator, you should check out the high-efficiency Fonho Excavator filter. It will not only protect your excavator’s hydraulic system but also your family’s health and the environment. The high-adsorption rate molecular sieve will help you filter out the harmful contaminants that are in your excavator’s hydraulic system.

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The Fonho Group of Companies is a global manufacturer of excavator filters and parts. They have the most professional team, including experienced salespeople and engineers, who work together to provide high-quality air brake system parts. They use advanced production lines and laboratory equipment to guarantee high performance, zero leakage, and a long-life filter. The FONHO Group is a highly regarded company with good export business. 


The Functionality of Fonho Excavator Filter

The function of a Fonho Excavator filter is to remove water from the diesel fuel. The Fonho brand uses high-efficiency water separator paper. Its excavator filters are produced by OEMs for world-famous car brands. The high-adsorption molecular sieve is crucial for air brake system protection. FONHO’s subsidiary factory VOHO Electronic Technology produces pressure sensors and solenoid valves for heavy vehicles.


High-efficiency Water Separator Paper

The FONHO High-efficiency Water Separator Paper can effectively separate the water in diesel fuel. High-efficiency water separators are necessary for protecting the air brake system. They are designed with good filtration accuracy and a large flow capacity. In addition, they are resistant to heat and dust. The HV Fuel Water Separator Paper is available in various specifications and can be chosen according to the engine’s serial number.


High-adsorption Rate Molecular Sieve

Molecular sieves have many advantages over traditional sediment filters. For example, they are more effective at removing moisture from gaseous and liquefied materials. They are also cheaper and safer than conventional sediment filters. They can be used to separate gases and liquids in the hydraulic cylinders of excavators, hydrants, and blowers.


Molecular sieves are filter bodies that contain uniform, guided pores of a fixed diameter. Their main use is as desiccants, which bind water molecules with smaller diameters. The molecular sieve 3A is an example of such a filter, with a diameter of 3A. These beads can function as desiccants in a variety of applications, including mining, demolition, and excavation.


The 4A molecular sieve is recyclable and can be used again

To regenerate the sieve, it must be cleaned and heated to between 250 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It should also be stored in an airtight container so that moisture cannot be absorbed. It is recommended to clean molecular sieves frequently after use to avoid damaging them.


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